• Love is the Way – Audio CD

    Spoken Inspiration for Profound Meditations

    All poetry written and read by – A Messenger named Moriah

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    “As you move into this light of Source, like the blossom leans toward the sun, you will become most beautiful. You are full of promise like the bud, yet you must be able to develop, to lose your shell, and to desire and seek the nutrients you need in order for the promise to be fulfilled. The promise of the bud is that it blossom fully, that it become totally open, and give all it’s fragrance to the world. You are designed to open, to give all that has been prepared into the world.”

    “Like the tiny bud that has the cracked the outer casing, the petals flow forth freely and quickly. They can no longer be contained. They have desire to give of their beauty, of their essence, to the world. Thus one who is fulfilling one’s purpose, who has made commitment to that purpose, suddenly finds their lives quickly unfolding, their desire increasing, and they find that they have a need to experience the giving of that which they have brought with them. The stage of preparation, compared to that of the bud which is love, contains much growth, and the next stage, that of breaking the casing, cannot occur until the preparation is complete. The preparation may appear incomplete, inadequate, as one nears the fulfillment of one’s purpose. As one feels oneself being thrust upon the world, yet the casing cannot break until the preparation is complete. The flower, when it opens, is a total and complete flower. It is yet small, yet it’s petals will peel away independently of one another causing the appearance of rapid growth.

    As your casing is broken, and as you emerge on your spiritual path, you cannot return to the bud. The petals can never close together in the manner that they once were. Your life can never go backward; it must go forward. It must bring its gifts to the world that its contribution can be contributing toward the peace of God.”

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