• Fibromyalgia: Awareness, Advocacy & Action

    Report of the Select Empowerment Seminar on Fibromyalgia 2009

    sponsored by The International Institute For Human Empowerment

    (includes a collection of expert articles)

    Fibromyalgia is causing needless human suffering and expense. The following people need to
    come together to support Fibromyalgia patients: medical community, employers and human
    resource personnel, legislators, government health and human rights agencies, educators, and

    The Select Empowerment Seminar Report represents the findings of 21 Capital District of New
    York professionals from a broad range of perspectives, who worked together for four days in the
    summer of 2009 to address the issues surrounding one illness: Fibromyalgia. The International
    Institute For Human Empowerment, Inc., sponsored this seminar.

    The Report is divided into two distinct parts. Part I represents the thinking of all 21 participants,
    and is written in general language for patients, caregivers, and medical, legal, legislative,
    business, and educational communities. Part II contains Expert Summaries for those wanting
    more specific information, and includes articles by physicians, medical researchers,
    complementary therapists, as well as social security disability and human rights attorneys, and a
    patient advocate.

    E-mail  for a print copy OR click here to download.

    Visit The International Institute for Human Empowerment for more Fibromyalgia Resources


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