Sue Kidd Shipe

Sue Shipe, Ph.D., also known as “Moriah” is an author, life coach, energy healer & the Founder of The International Institute For Human Empowerment.


Holistic Coaching integrating Energy Healing and Hypnosis. Specializing in finding happiness through spiritual purpose, living well with chronic pain and fatigue, relieving blocks to creativity, and integrating unexplained experiences.

Published Works

Books: Invitation to Love, United We Stand, Celebrate Diversity - Fibromyalgia: Awareness, Advocacy & Action special report, CD: Love is the Way

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  • Celebrate Appalachia!


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    This book may be used as part of a healthy living curriculum, or as part of your school safety program. It contains Bills of Rights and Responsibilities and other articles for students to debate and discuss in order […]

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Praise for Invitation to Love


During this very disruptive time in our world’s history, Invitation To Love has arrived “right on time.” It’s clarity in the midst of chaos. Invitation To Love is the calm, clear, yet ever so softly spoken voice we often hear from within ourselves...

Glenn E. Kakely

Moriah is a highly accomplished yet humble Spiritual Master. As I went through her beautiful book, Invitation to Love, the lines seemed to be a Conversation with God...A great teacher is one who knows what the student seeks.

Asit Ghosh, India

I was astounded by how many of the words from this sacred text were a reflection of my own journey. Invitation to Love offers the reader much truth and wisdom. It is a spiritual road map to our best and highest selves.

Joe Hazen, New York