• Celebrate Diversity

    A Guide for Community, School and Organizational Empowerment

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    What a great resource guide for educators, coordinators, and organizers with an interest in diversity. The Bill of Rights is an especially effective tool to have on hand at meetings and events that celebrate diversity.

    Janet L. Tanguay
    Entrepreneurship Manager

    Celebrate Diversity! A Guide for Community, School & Organizational Empowerment is a helpful resource of thoughts, advice, suggestions, and practical ideas for promoting tolerance, acceptance, and celebration of differences in one’s school or organization. Pages are filled with inspiring verses, tested strategies, soul-searching questions, and other thought-provoking inducements to break out of closed-minded habits. For example, a list of sixteen suggested activities for “International Unity Day” includes “Have an Old Timers Day for the community. Encourage storytelling, dancing, old records, and other items of personal history to be shared with old and young” and “Have a writing contest on the topic of Peace and Unity. Allow the winners to read their winning compositions on local television. Or have a statewide congress of students and adults talking together on the topics of Peace and Unity.” (Author Sue Kidd Shipe, Ph.D. encourages the annual community commemoration of September 11 as “International Unity Day”, as an antidote to divisive hate- and fear-mongering over the tragic September 11 attacks.) Highly recommended.

    The Midwest Book Review

    “Dr. Sue Shipe has written a comprehensive, thoughtful, and user-friendly book which will provide inspiration and guidance to educators at every level of the school system.As schools throughout the country are becoming increasingly diverse, all students, no matter what ethnicity or culture, must know that they have the opportunity for success.This guide provides the tools that educators can and must use to foster empowerment. I especially believe that the Resource Guide for Children and Youth (PP. 73 -80), including the recommended International Unity Day on September 11 of each year, is practical and easy to use.The concepts in the Resource Guide for each grade level,K – 12 and beyond, can be incorporated into lesson plans by elementary teachers,social studies teachers and used by guidance counselors and school leaders. As a career educator, I endorse the book, Celebrate Diversity!, and highly recommend it toany organization that believes in the value of every human being.This book fosters the quest and journey for understanding and respecting diversity in a variety of contexts.”
    Ruth J.Kellogg, Ph.D.
    Retired District Superintendent
    University Faculty Member
    “I got in touch with Sue a year and a half back during my phase of struggle. I was going through an emotional turmoil. When I reached out to Sue, she was gracious enough in helping me with meditation tips and I got interested in her work. Thatʼs when she sent me her book, Celebrate Diversity! I read through the book and I rediscovered one important element that is of ethics in leadership which not only helped me to rediscover myself but also helped me in my corporate social responsibility work. Since then I have been a regular reader of her work.”
    Kishan Ramdas
    Manager Operations
    “I thought Celebrate Diversity! A Guide for Community, School & Organizational Empowerment was a very inspiring and comprehensive book. I liked the global perspective, its premise and how it encompassed many aspects of raising consciousness in hopes of a whole, harmonious community.”
    Angela Sheehan RN
    Director of Seton Health Faith Community Nursing
    “Knowledge hidden in imagination is wisdom. When wisdom is inspired by the spirit of service and expressed in words–that becomes Godʼs literature. I have been following Sue Kidd Shipeʼs writings for the last two years and I was deeply inspired–they evoke a deep sense of purpose and impetus to bring a positive change in people and the earth. I read a copy of Celebrate Diversity…I was convinced that its contents carried the exact solution to the current challenges we all have to handle in our families, work or society at large. I have read aloud excerpts in my seminars and social talks to the teachers, employees and CEOʼs and have seen them responding with sparkling inspiration. I would recommend this book to everyone who has a meaningful purpose in life.”
    Asit Ghosh
    Inspirational speaker, behavioral specialist,
    life and business coach, and author from India.
    Celebrate Diversity is a blue print for all of us to achieve fulfillment. There are two steps to obtain wisdom. The first is to find out who we are. The second is to act accordingly. Celebrate Diversity aids in this process.”
    Ira Mendleson III, Esq.

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