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The New Message of LoveThe New Message of Love


Available on Amazon

The New Message of Love, available on Amazon, is comprised of three books. Book I: Invitation to Love Book II: The Healing Journey Book III: Journey to Love

The New Message of Love is given in order to prepare Humanity for the New World in which Humanity is but one of many races in the greater universe. New communication skills, new methods of discernment, and the divine universal energy of Love, will be your guide and protection.


amazon-itl_Invitation to Love

by Moriah

Reviews and details > Invitation to Love

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amazon-litwLove Is the Way

Spoken Inspiration for Profound Meditations
All poetry written and read by – A Messenger named Moriah
Audio CD

Details & Sample Tracks

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Fibromyalgia: Awareness, Advocacy & Action

(includes a collection of expert articles)
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Visit The International Institute for Human Empowerment for more Fibromyalgia Resources


amazon-diversityCelebrate Diversity! (A Guide for Community, School & Organizational Empowerment)

by Sue Kidd Shipe
Paperback — $14.95 & $4.95


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United We Stand: Reflections on a True Democracy

Sue Kidd Shipe
Paperback – $9.95 & $4.95 shipping


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